Client Trust


Client Trust

Client Trust (CT) manages funds for those consumers who need help to handle their financial transactions. Client Trust ensures that qualified consumers are provided with proper benefits. At the same time RCEB acts as their representative payee (consumer’s rep payee) also.

Client Trust handles consumer revenue funds such as:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • SSA (Social Security Administration – Retirement, Survivors and disability Insurance)
  • VA (Veterans Administration)
  • RRR (Railroad Retirement)
  • CSF (Annuity) 

Client Trust is responsible to disburse consumer funds including:

  • P&I money (Personal and Incidental) $132/mo – around the 10th of each mo.
  • B&C SSI portion (Board and Care) $1,026.37/mo – around the 20th of the mo.
  • M/M (Money Management) – disbursement mostly for consumers who have independent living arrangement.)

When check/payment is not received, Stop Payment will only be made after 7 working days from the issued date.

Additional Information for P&I, B&C, and SSI

  • For P&I and B&C disbursements, payment are made for current month, unlike the supplement portion which is paid in arrears.
  • For B&C, when a consumer moves out in the middle of the month, Client Trust usually does credit memo the following month for the portion of the month the consumer wasn’t in residence.
  • For B&C, when a consumer moves in the middle of the month and payment was not issued within the same month, it will be added to the following month’s payments.

For consumers who are earning wages:

  • We require consumers/vendors to submit pay check stubs monthly to Client Trust so we can report to Social Security Administration accurately;
  • It might cause SSI overpayment if it is not reported regularly. Clients’ benefits will be reduced up to 10%. It means that P&I will be affected and possibly B&C SSI portion.