| July 15, 2020

A glimpse at what’s in California’s new $202-billion state budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law the key provisions of a new state budget, a spending plan that seeks to erase a historic deficit while preserving service levels for schools, healthcare and social services. The $202.1-billion budget, a blueprint for the fiscal year that begins on Wednesday, is unlikely to be the final effort […]

| July 12, 2020

Self-Determination Program Update

In October 2013, Governor Edmund G. Brown signed Senate Bill 468, authored by Senators Bill Emmerson and Jim Beall and co-authored by Assembly Members Holly Mitchell and Wesley Chesbro, into law. Read More

| June 7, 2020

Gov. Newsom and Lawmakers Pursue Budget Compromise

“Mutually repugnant:” Gov. Newsom and lawmakers pursue a budget compromise Published: June 7, 2020 Even with the process controlled entirely by Democrats, a certain degree of tension is wired into the annual ritual of crafting a state budget in Sacramento. The spending plan, after all, is a powerful opportunity for the governor and each house […]