Welfare and Institutions Code section 4659.2(c) requires all regional center vendors that provide crisis, residential services, or supported living services; along with all long-term health care facilities, and acute psychiatric hospitals to report restraint data on a monthly basis to the Department of Developmental Services (Department). The Department will share those reports with the regional center providing services to the consumer (or to the vendoring regional center, if different) and with Disability Rights California. Click here for the directive from DDS.

The monthly reports from these vendors should include the following information:

(A) The number of incidents of seclusion and the duration of time spent per incident in seclusion;

(B) The number of incidents of the use of behavioral restraints and the duration of time spent per incident of restraint;

(C) The number of times an involuntary emergency medication is used to control behavior; and

(D) The name, street address, and telephone number of the facility.

The Department has developed an online form vendors must use for submission of this information. It only has to be completed in the months there has been incidents.