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Informational Meetings

July 12, 2021: PowerPoint on the Self-Determination Program Overview (these are not orientation meetings)

Self-Determination Local Advisory Committee [SDLAC] Meetings

Join us for RCEB’s Self Determination Local Advisory Committee Meetings

We welcome all to join us at our monthly meetings!  For language interpretation at our next meeting, please email by the Wednesday before the meeting.  Simultaneous Spanish interpretation is provided at these meetings. To request translation of meeting materials, email the same address.

¡Les damos la bienvenida a todos a nuestras juntas mensuales!  Tendremos un intérprete de español en esta reunión. Si desea solicitar los materiales traducidos en su idioma, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a la misma dirección.


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We meet from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on the following dates: 2023 SDLAC Meeting Dates

2023 | 2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019

September 11, 2023

August 7, 2023

July 10, 2023

February 6, 2023

Monday, December 7

Monday, November 2

Monday, October 5

Monday, September 14

Monday, August 3

Monday, April 6 CANCELLED

Monday, March 2 (San Leandro)

Monday, February 3 (Concord)

Monday, January 6 (San Leandro)