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Announcements, Clients, Service Providers | August 11, 2023

The Grinnell – Multifamily Affordable Housing Complex

In fiscal year 2019-2020, Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) received Community Resource Development Plan funding from the Department of Developmental Services to develop affordable housing units. RCEB has been working with Satellite Affordable Housing (SAHA) on  a multifamily project called  “The Grinnell”. The Grinnell is located at 2527 San Pablo Avenue, in Berkeley, on the corner of Blake Street and San Pablo Avenue.


The Grinnell is a 63 unit, affordable housing complex which is nearing construction completion and it is anticipated to open in early 2024. The Grinnell will have on site housing support services through Housing Consortium of the East Bay and all units will be accessible.


RCEB has 12 units (8- one bedroom and 4-two bedroom units) that are set aside for clients of the Regional Center of the East Bay. All units will be project based section 8, meaning that there are income limits that are 30% of the Adjusted Median Income (see flyer for details).


As these units are set aside for clients with an intellectual disability, at least one of the household members needs to have a developmental disability.  If there are non-disabled parents, with a child with that has a developmental disability, who meet the income requirements, and are in need of affordable housing, they could potentially qualify.


We are starting to develop a list of potential clients for these units and will be collecting names as referred by the case manager. We will be randomly selecting names from this list to submit to SAHA. The due date for collecting names will be August 25, 2023.


Please contact your RCEB case manager with questions and to be added to the list. Please let your case manager know your house hold size and your address, phone, and/or email address. You can also email this information directly to


Satellite Affordable Housing Associates staff will reach out to those who are selected and will be working with the client through the process of certification for the project based section 8. SAHA is hoping to have individuals complete the certification process by December 2023.


Please see the flyer for more details.

Announcements, Clients | December 5, 2022

Establishment of the Office of Ombudsperson

Housed in the Department of Developmental Services, the Ombudsperson assists regional center clients and their families to access their regional center services available under the Lanterman Act.

Office of the Ombudsperson

Announcements, Clients, Service Providers | November 10, 2022

CRDP Priorities for the 2022/ 2023 Fiscal Year

Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) would like to thank you for filling out and submitting the survey regarding the types of services and supports to meet current and future needs of individuals and their families in the community.

The information gathered in this survey will be considered for new program development as part of the Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP). The goal of the CRDP is to expand the availability, accessibility, and types of services and supports to meet current and future needs of individuals and their families in the community.  Limited funding from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) will be available for program development.

Based on the information gathered from the surveys, RCEB will prioritize requesting start up funding to DDS for the following services:

1)      A service provider for a specialized residential facility to serve 4 individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and require staff fluent in American Sign Language.

2)      10 affordable housing units at a Multifamily development in Newark, California.

3)      A special needs dental surgery resource for clients who may require dental work completed under sedation or general anesthesia.

4)      A short term step down Specialized Residential Facility designed to work with adult clients transitioning from Community Crisis Home and other crisis facilities.

5)      Behavioral respite that can provide supports to clients residing in the family home who may require Registered Behavior Technician level of staffing.

6)      An employment services vendor that may be able to provide supports to adult clients interested in micro-enterprise or self-employment.

Announcements, Clients, Service Providers | July 6, 2022

21-22 CRDP/ CPP Project Awardees!

The Department of Developmental Services has approved RCEB to seek housing development organization(s) to acquire, build and or renovate a suitable property for: 1-enhanced behavior support home for females and 1-specialized residential facility for those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing who require staff who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

The Community Resource Development Project/ Community Placement Plan awardees for Fiscal Year 2021-22 are:

Housing Developer Organization to acquire and renovate One (1) Enhanced Behavior Support Home for Four (4) adult females who are dually diagnosed.
Awardee: Brilliant Corners
Acquisition Amount: $400,000          Renovation Amount: $400,000

Housing Developer Organization to acquire and renovate One (1) Specialized Residential Facility to serve Four (4) regional center clients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or who require staff fluent in American Sign Language
Awardee: Bay Area Housing Corporation
Acquisition Amount: $400,000          Renovation Amount: $350,000


Announcements, Clients | April 11, 2022

Early Start Program Information

The Early Start program has a variety of multilingual brochures, booklets, publications, and other free resources are available for parents, professionals, and others. These publications, resources, and program guidance support the statewide, comprehensive and coordinated system of child find, public awareness and outreach. Please see DDS’ website for resources:

The Early Start Newsletter provides quarterly updates on Early Start events, resources, and other important material for families, regional centers, and service providers:

April Newsletter (English)

April Newsletter (Spanish)

Announcements, Clients | January 20, 2021

How Can I Get Vaccinated?

Vaccine Information for Family Members?

January 20, 2021

The letter below from the Department of Developmental Services clarifies that family members of certain people are “health care workers” pursuant to the State of California’s Vaccination Plan ( Per the letter, the eligibility of these family members can be established by documentation from RCEB verifying the qualifying condition of the family member.

If your family member is served by RCEB, please use the individual’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) or Individual Family Service Plan(IFSP) as documentation.  If you do not have a copy, please reach out to the case manager for your family member.

We cannot provide documentation for those who are NOT served by RCEB. However, if you believe you may be eligible for services please contact our intake department for information about how to apply.

RCEB is NOT a vaccine provider. Please check with your county for information on how to access a COVID-19 vaccine at the links found below. Based on eligibility as a family member/health care worker, you can follow the links for “health care worker” on these sites. You can also reach out to your individual health care provider.

Please be prepared to explain as some vaccine providers may NOT be aware of eligibility for I/DD family members to receive the vaccine. Have all of your documentation on hand (the DDS letter AND a copy of your family member’s IPP/IFSP).

There is currently a high demand for and limited supply of the vaccine.  Appointments are not always available quickly for those who want them. In the coming months, we expect that supplies will increase.

Phase 1A Vaccine Information as of January 13, 2021

Attached are letters from the Department of Developmental Services explaining the role of direct service employees, family members and certain regional center employees in caring for consumers and thus are prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination within Phase 1A:

From the Department of Developmental Services and Department of Public Health

From Our County Partners in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Plain Language Information About Vaccines

Announcements, Clients | June 12, 2020

Behavioral Health Treatment Insurance Coverage

Important Information for Families on Health Insurance Coverage of Behavioral Health Treatment for People with Autism or PDD/NOS announcements intended for Clients and Families.

Announcements, Clients | May 11, 2020

Behavioral Health Treatment Copayment Checklist

Documents needed:

  • Most recent complete Federal 1040 Tax Form for family/individual (for clients age 3 and up only)
  • The treatment plan from the Behavioral Health Treatment provider.
  • Information on the frequency of treatment (e.g. 5 days per week). Usually part of the treatment plan.
  • Summary of Benefits for your health insurance that includes information on the plan year, copayments or coinsurance amounts, and out of pocket maximums for the individual.
  • For plans with deductibles and coinsurance: a copy of the billing statements/explanation of benefits from the health plan that indicate the deductible and /or copayments/coinsurance that is charged for Behavioral Health Treatment Services

Copay Checklist | PDF Download

Announcements, Clients | April 12, 2020

Stimulus Payments for SSI/SSA/RR Recipients

The Internal Revenue Service is working with the Social Security Administration in an effort to get stimulus payments for SSA, SSI and RR recipients issued quickly and directly deposited into your account.

IRS: Payment Information- Economic Impact
IRS: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Recipients
Social Security Administration Information