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Purchase of Service Policies

The Purchase of Service Guidelines below provides direction regarding the types of services that RCEB may purchase for persons served. These standards are approved by the California Department of Developmental Services to assure that they conform with the Lanterman Act.

These Guidelines are approved by the RCEB Board of Directors and have been established in accordance with both the Lanterman Act and Early Start program which authorizes the regional centers to develop and apply service standards while, at the same time, considering the individual needs of the person served when authorizing the service request (WIC 4624, 4651, 4648).

RCEB’s Guiding Principles for POS Guidelines

It is the intent of the Lanterman Legislation (Welfare & Inst. Code 4500 et seq.) that regional centers assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families in securing those services and supports which maximize opportunities and choices in living, working, learning and recreating in the community.

It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure that the provision of services and supports by the regional center system is centered on the individual and the family of the individual with developmental disabilities and takes into account the needs and preferences of the individual and the family, where appropriate, as well as promoting community integration, independent, productive, normal lives and stable and healthy environments.  It is the further intent of the Legislature to ensure that the provision of services to persons served and their families are effective in meeting the goals stated in the Individual Program Plan and Individualized Family Service Plan, reflect the preferences and choices of the person served and family and reflect the cost-effective use of public resources (WIC 4646 (a)).  RCEB will work together with the person served, family, and others to develop and implement either an Individual Program Plan or an Individualized Family Service Plan.

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RCEB Purchase of Service Guidelines