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What is FCPP?

Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4783 implemented the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP) on January 1, 2005. This law requires some families to share in the cost of Respite, Day Care, and Camping services. No other services are affected.

Only families that meet the following conditions are identified for FCPP participation:

  • Children are ages 0 through 17 years old;
  • Children live at home;
  • Children are not Medi-Cal eligible; and
  • Family income is at or above 400% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines based upon family size.

The share of the cost for these services is called the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP). The Regional Center will pay a portion of the total cost for the service to the service provider and the family will pay the FCPP amount directly to the service provider. The Respite, Day Care, or Camping service providers cannot charge the family a higher rate for the service than the rate paid by the Regional Center.