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The Regional Center of the East Bay Board of Directors governing documents include the Board’s Bylaws and Governance Policies.

Governance Policies

Zero Tolerance Policy for Consumer Abuse or Neglect

Statement of Conduct


Employment First Policy

Transparency and Access to Public Information

Request for Proposals for Resource Development Policy
Spanish / Cantonese / Vietnamese / Tagalog

Resource Development Policy

Request for Proposal Page

Conflict of Interest Policy and Standards Statements

The conflict of interest policy and standards adopted by Regional Center of the East Bay, states that employees act in the course of their duties solely in the best interest of the regional center clients and their families, without regard to the interests of any other organization with which they are associated or persons to whom they are related.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest approvals from DDS

Conflict of Interest Reporting Statements from RCEB’s Board of Directors

Conflict of Interest Reporting Statements from Regional Center Employees

Whistleblower Policy