The 2020-21 Budget Act includes $16.7 million ongoing funding for regional centers to
improve and promote Language Access and Cultural Competency to better support the
language needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, their caregivers, and their
family members. The primary purpose of these funds is to improve consumer and
family experience and to facilitate more consistent access to information and services
for multi-lingual, monolingual, and diverse cultural groups. This correspondence
provides guidance on how regional centers may expend funding.

Welfare and Institutions Code §4620.4 requires that the Department of Developmental
Services (Department) implement this initiative through its contracts with regional
centers. These funds shall not supplant any existing efforts or funds for similar
purposes but are intended to augment and provide maximum additional benefit to the
greatest number of persons served, their caregivers, and their families. Language
Access and Cultural Competency Plans shall be posted on the Department’s and
regional centers’ websites.

Department of Developmental Services Memo to Regional Centers

RCEB Language Access and Cultural Competency Application Plan