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At the Regional Center of the East Bay, we envision a future where people with developmental disabilities are truly a part of their community. We also recognize that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have unique and changing needs. We seek to meet those needs by providing information and services that are community-based, flexible, accessible and responsive to each unique situation.

How to Apply for Services

If you live in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties, you can apply for regional center services by phone or by written request.

The intake process for infants and toddlers birth to age 36 months begins by calling the Early Start Intake line at (510) 618-6195 or earlystartreferrals@rceb.org

Anyone over age 3 and is suspected of having a developmental disability may apply for services by contacting our Intake Coordinator at (510) 618-6122 or intakeoverthree@rceb.org.

Services List

The Regional Center of the East Bay provides or coordinates quality services and supports that may include the following services found on our Services List

Additional information about services provided by RCEB and regional centers around the state can be found on the DDS Services and Initiatives page.