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The regional center is doing a survey to gather information about the community’s needs, challenges, and desires. This information will then be used to guide the strategic plan, helping the regional center make informed decisions to better support the community.

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Deadline to participate is 12/3/23
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RCEB’s Strategic Plan will help with:

Setting Goals

RCEB will develop goals based on feedback from the community. These goals can include things like providing better support for people with disabilities, improving services, or reaching more families in need. Our strategic plan will help us figure out how to reach those goals step by step.

Making Good Choices

Our strategic plan will help the regional center make good choices about how to use resources, like money and staff, to best help the people we serve.

Adapting to Challenges

RCEB may face challenges along the way. With a strategic plan in place, we can be ready to adapt and find solutions to these challenges.

Getting Better over Time

A strategic plan helps RCEB learn from our experiences and get better at supporting people with developmental disabilities.

Strategic Planning Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions about RCEB’s Strategic Planning