What is a Regional Center Strategic Plan?

A Regional Center Strategic Plan is a detailed roadmap or blueprint that outlines the goals, priorities, and strategies of a regional center in California to provide services and support to individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and their families.

How can a Strategic Plan help the Regional Center?

A strategic plan helps the regional center set clear goals, allocate resources efficiently, and provide better services to the community. It also ensures that the center is prepared for future challenges and can adapt to changing needs.

How does the plan benefit individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and their families?

The strategic plan aims to improve services, access to resources, and overall support for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and their families. It ensures that their needs and preferences are at the forefront of decision-making.

How is the Strategic Plan developed?

The development of a strategic plan involves gathering input from various stakeholders, including individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, their families, staff, and the community. It typically goes through a process of research, analysis, goal-setting, and action planning.

Can the community provide input into the Strategic Plan?

Yes, community input is highly valued in the development of a strategic plan. We are including input gathered through surveys, meetings, and public forums for ideas, concerns, and suggestions from the community.

How can I stay informed about the progress of the Strategic Plan?

The strategic plan will be posted on the RCEB website.

If I have more questions about the Strategic Plan, who do I contact?

You can send your questions to strategicplan@rceb.org.