Strategic Plan

A document that describes the priorities, goals objectives, and actions that guide an organization toward reaching desired outcomes.


The practice of ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their background, abilities, or differences, are actively and meaningfully engaged in various aspects of society.

Early Start

An early intervention program designed to provide support and services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. Early Start programs aim to identify and address developmental challenges as early as possible to improve long-term outcomes.


Equity means ensuring all individuals have access to the same opportunities and outcomes, regardless of their background or circumstances. It acknowledges that people may need adjustments to correct for systemic imbalances.

Cultural Competency

The ability of individuals or organizations to effectively interact and communicate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Cultural competency involves understanding and respecting cultural differences, as well as adapting practices to meet the needs of culturally diverse populations.

Person-Centered Services Planning

A person-centered approach to planning and delivering services and support to individuals involves collaborating with the person to identify what is important to them, their unique needs, preferences, and goals. Person-centered planning aims to personalize services to meet those wants and needs, promoting autonomy and self-determination.